Looking Out The Window While Playing Games

A fun game to play while you're in the car on a road trip is Would You Rather? This is a game where you ask each other questions about whether they would want to do one activity or a different one with answers getting very funny once you begin playing. You can create questions based on where you're going to surprise your children.

Get a fun game started with the alphabet by choosing a letter. When someone sees that letter outside the window, that person gets a point. The person with the most points after all of the letters are used is the winner. This is a fun game to play in Marietta where there are numerous letters so that it's a race to see who spots one first.

Make cards that have a variety of things that are easy to spot while traveling and some that are challenging. Set a time limit for finding all of the items on the list. Another option would be to try to find the items before you get to Bill Holt Mitsubishi to have your car checked for safe travels on the road.



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