Warning Signs of Worn Tires

At Bill Holt Mitsubishi, our team is dedicated to helping our customers understand their vehicles. Your vehicle's tires help the vehicle maintain optimal stability, braking, steering, handling, and traction. When tires wear, it is important to have them replaced to prevent a blowout. Have your tires inspected if you notice any of the following signs of worn tires.

Check for cracks on the sidewall. If you notice a crack, it could be that the tire is starting to develop a leak, so be sure to have it inspected as soon as possible. In most circumstances, the groove will be noticeable upon first or second glance.

When the outside of a tire becomes worn, it will begin to bulge and blister. These weak spots in the tire increase the chance of a sudden blow out, so it is important to have them changed immediately because a blow out at highway speeds can be dangerous.



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