Keeping Odors Out of Your Vehicle

Owning and maintaining a vehicle is a big responsibility, and we at Bill Holt Mitsubishi want you to be an informed owner who knows how to take care of the vehicle. One of the many important parts of taking care of your vehicle is keeping odors out of the vehicle. We have many good tips to share with you.

The best way to prevent bad odors from invading your vehicle is to catch them before they get to that point.
• Vacuum the vehicle regularly.
• Remove and wash floor mats regularly.
• Keep paper towels in the vehicle in case of spills.
• Wipe up spills immediately.
• Spot wash any stains and wipe down leather seats regularly.
• Leave windows open in warm weather to air the vehicle out.

If you think you need extra help with cleaning or detailing your vehicle, call us or stop at our dealership in Marietta, and allow us to service your vehicle.



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