Android Auto - Technology All The Time

Today, our smartphones and electronic devices are seldom left at home when we’re out and about. Android Auto, an in-the-vehicle technology, allows you to not only bring your devices with you but to connect them to your vehicle and have technology all the time. Stop at Bill Holt Mitsubishi and get all the goods on this fantastic cutting-edge technology.

With Android Auto, you won’t have to worry about poor signals or no Internet because it allows you to safely and hands-free do all the following.
• Receive and make phone calls
• Pull up voicemails
• Read ebooks
• Download your playlist & listen to music
• Activate your GPS
• Shop online
• Find gas prices
• Find the best parking spaces
• Send and receive text messages

Still have questions on Android Auto? Come to the Marietta showroom and let us show you how it works. We’ll also set you up for a fun test drive while you’re there.



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