It Can Pay to Know When to Refinance

Here at Bill Holt Mitsubishi, we like to help our customers and other drivers to maintain the value of their vehicles. That said, wear and tear is an inevitable result of consistent vehicle use. Because of this inescapable fact, all vehicles will eventually begin to lose value unless they are constantly overhauled. As this option can be prohibitively expensive, many drivers prefer to either sell, trade in, or refinance their aging vehicles. Drivers who choose the best option for their personal circumstances can often come out ahead in this respect.

When it comes to refinancing, individuals who enjoy high credit scores, low car payments, or relatively healthy vehicles can often benefit from the refinancing process. Such prospective buyers are unlikely to face hikes in interest rates or unreasonable refinancing terms.

In terms of trade-ins, this route to vehicle replacement can often benefit individuals who own cars that are close to total collapse. Such vehicles are unlikely to command reasonable refinancing terms and likely command even lower open market sale prices. As such, individuals who struggle with low credit scores, high car payments, and poor vehicle quality can often do better by following the trade in route.



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